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Eurocept Pharmaceuticals

Eurocept Group strives to simplify the treatment relationship between doctors and patients. One of the ways in which we do so is the Eurocept Plaza web portal, which makes in-home care more secure in that it allows treating physicians to see at a glance whether a patient is taking his medications or not, or whether the medications have even been delivered at the patient's home. If a patient is found not to adhere to his treatment plan, or if the medication is found not to have been delivered, doctors can take immediate steps. By monitoring drug compliance like this, we also reduce medication waste.
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Eurocept Pharmaceuticals

It goes without saying that patients must benefit from the therapy they receive. For instance, it is crucial that they are in significantly less pain following a procedure, or that their doctors have evidence that they have taken their medication. These kinds of data are called patient outcomes. The funding of health care increasingly depends on such patient outcomes being achieved. Health-care professionals can record their patient outcomes in the Eurocept Plaza web portal, which, needless to say, complies with strict privacy regulations.  

Eurocept has developed digital medication plans, which outline every single type of care a patient may require for a particular condition. It is an efficient system for both doctors and patients.

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