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Eurocept reserves the right to disclose your data to third parties in order to meet legal requirements and/or requests for information by competent government agencies. In extremely rare circumstances where national or company security is at stake (e.g. the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in September 2001), Eurocept reserves the right to disclose its entire guest and customer database to the relevant government body.

In addition, we may disclose your data to third parties in the event that this website is acquired by or allocated to another company, in which case we will require that the buyer agree to treat your data in accordance with our privacy policy. Any third party to whom we disclose data (except government agencies to whom we are legally bound to disclose data) will be contractually obliged to maintain a level of privacy protection on a par with the level of cover provided under our policy.


Access and Edit Function

You can edit the information associated with your user account, with which you provided us when you first registered, through your user information page. You can request the deletion of your user account information by contacting our webmaster. Any content or data provided by you which is not included in your user account, such as messages posted on our forums, will remain on our website at our discretion, even after your user account has been deleted.


To unsubscribe from our e-mail lists, please contact Eurocept at the following address:

Eurocept BV
Attn. Privacy Contact Officer
Trapgans 5†

Please note that you may still receive notices from us while our e-mail lists are being updated.


The parts of this website which collect your data use the secure socket layer (SSL) protocol, but in order to enjoy this encryption method, your browser must support encoding, which requires Internet Explorer 3.0 or later.

International Transmissions

Your data may be internationally transmitted to Eurocept branches worldwide, trade partners and agents, as stipulated in the Usage and Disclosure section of this Website Privacy Policy. All Eurocept websites are hosted by Euroceptís regional hosting centres. For our European, African and Middle Eastern websites, the hosting centre is located at Euroceptís branch in the United Kingdom. For our websites in all other parts of the world, the hosting centre is located at Euroceptís branch in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. This means that any information you provided when you first registered, as well as any subsequent data we may have collected on you, as laid down in the section The Collection and Processing of Personal Data, will be automatically transmitted to these hosting centres for maintenance.

Other Vital Information


Please note that this site was not intended or designed to attract individuals under the age of 18. We do not collect personally identifiable information on people we know to be under the age of 18.

Sensitive Information

This website only collects personal data which disclose information on your racial or ethnic background, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs and trade union membership, and which reveals information on your health, sex life or criminal convictions, with your explicit permission, and only to the extent required for the proper functioning of this website or the services offered on this website.

Links to Other Websites

To improve user convenience, this website currently contains links to several websites containing information which we believe to be useful to our clients. Please note that our confidentiality policies and the aforementioned confidentiality procedures do not apply to these external websites. We advise you to contact these sites directly if you wish to obtain information on their privacy, security and data collection/distribution policies. Eurocept shall not be held liable for the contents of or any damage caused by third-party websites.

Amendments to This Website Privacy Policy

This Website Privacy Policy is subject to change. Whenever we amend this policy, we will disclose our policy changes to you, for your information, on this page. When a new policy comes into effect, we will notify you 30 days in advance.

Most recent update: 10 October 2007

Contact Us

If you have any queries regarding our confidentiality policy or our website in general, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Eurocept BV
Attn. Privacy Contact Officer
Trapgans 5†

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