The word anesthesia comes from the Greek and means “no sensation”.
Anesthesia is a collective name for all types of sedation used for medical interventions and examinations. The medical specialists are called anesthetists or anesthesiologists. They monitor the patient’s condition during a medical intervention or examination.

There are various types of anesthesia:

– General anesthesia (narcosis)
– Regional anesthesia (anesthesia in a large part of the body)
– Local anesthesia (localized anesthesia in a small part of the body)

Anesthesia has been used since the mid-1800s. A lot fewer operations could take place if there were no anesthesia. Anesthesia hence also requires skilled, well-educated and trained doctors who can properly monitor the patient before, after and during the operation. The anesthesiologist is responsible for the anesthesia as well as for the pain management before, after and during the operation. It is important to Eurocept Pharmaceuticals for patients to be able to quickly recover and go home in pain-free condition.

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