The Eurocept Group is a health care corporation headquartered in Ankeveen (North Holland), close to Amsterdam. Its mission is to simplify the treatment relationship between medical practitioners and patients. Eurocept, established in 2001, is a pioneer in the provision of customized transferred hospital care. The Group is able to fulfill its mission thanks to the expertise of the pharmaceutical company (Eurocept Pharmaceuticals) combined with the expertise of the homecare company (Eurocept Homecare).

The business of Eurocept Pharmaceuticals (the medication branch of the Eurocept Group) is development, marketing authorization, pharmacovigilance, marketing and sale of medications. Eurocept Pharmaceuticals has its own medications that are sold in Europe and the rest of the world, as well as medications in license that are sold in the Benelux countries. Eurocept Pharmaceuticals also provides services in pharmacovigilance, distribution and hospital account management for other pharmaceutical companies.

Through a unique combination of medical homecare, qualified healthcare professionals (Homecare) and availability and knowledge of medications (Pharmaceuticals), Eurocept is able to deliver high-quality care to patients at home. Thanks to the secure digital environment PlazaConnect®, where medical practitioners can submit requests, enter and consult data and analyze results, the lines of communication remain short and our clients receive fast and proper assistance.

The Eurocept Group employs about 400 professionals, who booked revenues of more than €400 million in 2016.

Core values

Eurocept Pharmaceuticals  Eurocept Pharmaceuticals Klantgedreven 2


As a Eurocept employee, I am flexible, service-oriented and have a positive attitude.

Eurocept Pharmaceuticals  Eurocept Pharmaceuticals Oplossingsgericht 2


As a Eurocept employee, I am proactive, innovative, add value, think outside the box and always base my actions on the client’s expectations.

Eurocept Pharmaceuticals  Eurocept Pharmaceuticals Kwaliteitsgericht 2 1


As a Eurocept employee, I am professional, my guidelines are transparent and my results are measurable/verifiable. I take responsibility and aim to continuously improve myself.

Eurocept Pharmaceuticals  Eurocept Pharmaceuticals Resultaatgericht 2


As a Eurocept employee, I am entrepreneurial, book results for clients and for Eurocept, am goal-oriented in my work, strive to fulfill our mission and am focused on the long term.

Eurocept Pharmaceuticals  Eurocept Pharmaceuticals Verbindend 2


As a Eurocept employee, I aim for cooperation, am open to others and am alert to this. I celebrate success but also share sorrow. I am aware of the organization and take initiative.

Eurocept Pharmaceuticals  Eurocept Pharmaceuticals Erkenning gevend 2


As a Eurocept employee, acknowledgement and appreciation are self-evident for me. I give energy and flexibility. I am not afraid to be vulnerable, am transparent about my activities and empower my colleagues.

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